Evergreen Marine Corporation is piloting the usage of Internet of Things (IoT) technology with Kaohsiung Port’s customs officials.

Both sides are aiming to see how IoT technology can ensure the safety of moving cargoes and monitor the entire process of point-to-point container movements in Taiwan’s busiest container port.

The memorandum of understanding was signed by Kaohsiung Customs officer, Su Shuzhen, and Evergreen Deputy General Manager, Wu Guanghui, on 11 June.

Kaohsiung Customs stated that it used Taiwan’s Customs Administration’s round-the-clock IoT-based monitoring program to plan and build IoT-based systems at the gates of the various terminals in the port.

IoT technology will be used to capture the information of container trucks passing through the automated lanes and transmit the information to the customs officers in real time, with a view to effectively improving customs supervision efficiency.

Kaohsiung Customs further explained that by implementing this plan, Evergreen has built an automated container movement, facilitating the flow of information on the entry and exit of containers.

“This builds a smart system for container terminals, allowing us to replace manpower with monitoring equipment,” added Kaohsiung Customs.

Customs Administration believes that the pilot project would achieve mutual and synergistic benefits in ensuring the safety of container transportation, enabling better customs clearance.

Martina Li
Asia Correspondent

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