The Port of Virginia set a new June cargo volume record having handled more than 281,000TEU, which represents an increase of nearly 71,000 units year-over-year.

June was the tenth consecutive month of record-breaking volumes for the port and helped push its total TEU volume for the fiscal year 2021, which began on 1 July 2020 and ended on 30 June 2021, to a record-breaking 3.2 million units.

The port’s FY21 container volume increased 16.8% and 9.6%, respectively, when compared with FY20 and FY19, which was the port’s previous best fiscal-year performance.

“Virginia rose to the challenge,” highlighted Stephen A. Edwards, the port’s CEO and executive director.

“For much of the fiscal year, we were handling record volumes under Covid-restricted conditions, and we did so safely, swiftly, and sustainably,” he commented.

Additionally, the port’s total turn-times for motor carriers and dwell-time for import rail cargo was better than industry standards, there were no workdays lost to the pandemic and the port continued to add new, modern cargo handling equipment to its operations, said the port’s statement.

The fiscal year’s record cargo volume was driven primarily by an increase in loaded imports, followed by the growth of empty export boxes.

In FY21 the port worked 1,538 vessels, which is 100 more vessels than in FY20. In June, the port serviced 133 ship calls, an increase of 27 calls versus June 2020.

Furthermore, the previous month’s rail volume of 51,442 containers was driven by an increase in rail import containers and is a growth of 31.8%, when compared with June 2020.

The Port of Virginia maintained its position as the US East Coast’s leading rail port having moved 33% of its total cargo volume, or nearly 582,000 containers by rail in FY21.

Last but not least, truck volume remained strong, up 33.4% vs June 2020 and up 15% when compared with FY20. June barge volume was 6,611 containers, an increase of 15% vs June 2020 and was 68,526 containers for FY 21, a 16% increase vs FY20.

“We expect to see strong volumes as we head deeper into the summer and the beginning of peak season,” added Edwards. “We’re going to keep working our plan of adding assets and, if necessary, hours to the operation, to ensure cargo flow and accommodate the cargo owners.”

FY21 vs FY20

TEU 3,221,000 +16.8%
Containers 1,778,108 +15.6%
Loaded Export TEU 1,016,040 +8.3%
Loaded Import TEU 1,520,647 +18.6%
Rail Containers 581,868 +16.7%
Barge Containers 68,526 +16%
Truck Containers 1,127,714, +9.3%
Ship calls 1,538 +7%

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