Wan Hai Lines Ltd. held ship naming ceremonies for Wan Hai 355, Wan Hai 357 and Wan Hai 360, accompanied by a charity donation at Japan Marine United Corporation Kure Shipyard, on 7 November.

The three container vessels are part of the series of 3,013 TEU ships built by Japan Marine United Corporation Kure Shipyard.

The design of the 3,013 TEU series takes energy efficiency and environmentally-friendly aspects into account. It is equipped with fully balanced twisted bulb rudders, pre-swirl fin and AMP (Alternative Maritime Power) system.

Additionally, Wan Hai said that all the ships delivered are certified with “Smart Ship” notations and meet the level of requirement for NOx Tier III.

In the meantime, a fourth boxship of the same series, Wan Hai 355, was delivered on 8 November and deployed in Asia America service.

In addition to naming the newbuildings, Wan Hai also made a charity donation of necessities to three charitable units, two private orphanages named Ninoshima Gakuen and Yahata Gakuen in Hiroshima, and an elderly nursing home named Kure Hoseiin in Kure city.

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