Yang Ming Marine Transport Corp. will introduce the revamped JTS service (Japan-Taiwan-South China Express Service) in March.

Simultaneously, the company will collaborate with a joint venture partner to initiate the new JKX service (Japan Kansai Service). The JTS service will continue to operate independently, providing a fixed weekly service with a 28-day rotation.

On the other hand, the JKX service, conducted in partnership, will feature one vessel from each party, offering a fixed weekly service with a 14-day rotation.

The port rotation for the JTS service includes Nagoya, Japan > Tokyo, Japan > Yokohama, Japan > Keelung, Taiwan > Kaohsiung, Taiwan > Shekou, China > Port Klang, Malaysia > Singapore, Singapore > Kaohsiung, Taiwan > Shekou, China > Xiamen, China > Nagoya, Japan

For the JKX service, the port rotation comprises  Osaka, Japan > Kobe, Japan > Pusan, South Korea > Keelung, Taiwan > Kaohsiung, Taiwan > Hong Kong, China > Shekou, China > Xiamen, China > Osaka, Japan

Sources: Container News

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