Moving can seem pretty overwhelming, but if you have good plans and a bit of knowledge, you can make it a smooth and effective process. One big factor in a successful move is being a packing expert when it comes to your moving boxes. Whether you’re using the usual cardboard boxes, strong plastic bins, or those handy modern shipping containers, packing wisely can save you time, money, and keep your stress levels low.

This post will highlight six important tips to help you pack your moving containers like a pro. This way, your special stuff will reach your new home safe and sound, in the best shape possible. We’ll cover everything from sorting and labeling to making the most of the space, so let’s get started and simplify your next move.

  • Plan Ahead

Having a plan when doing anything makes it a lot easier. When moving, creating a plan for what you want to bring in your shipping container and what you carry as luggage in your car is vital. You can check out stores like Tortuga’s travel accessories for bags and other accessories that can help you keep essential items separately while packing to avoid mix ups. Planning ahead gives you time to get all the necessary items from travel accessories to packing boxes and more. Additionally, you get a few days of flexibility in case your shipping container arrives late as you have all the essentials in your car.

  • Get All the Packing Supplies

Moving from one house to another can be tough, especially when you realize you’re low on important moving stuff. It always seems to happen at the worst moment, like when you can’t just pop over to the store for more. Plan ahead and get all your moving essentials in plenty of time to steer clear of those last-minute problems. If you have children, don’t forget to gather things that will keep them cozy throughout the move.

  • Use the Right Shipping Container

The container you pick for moving can make a big difference in how your move goes. For a regular two or three bedroom house move, a twenty-foot shipping container is usually good. However, if you have a lot of stuff to store and won’t move it with you, think about a bigger forty-foot shipping container. For folks in a smaller apartment, a ten-foot shipping container can fit all your packing stuff. Don’t forget to confirm with the shipping container rental company that they have all the things you need and book it a few weeks before your moving day.

  • Declutter

You may still need more space to get everything to your new house even if you get a sizable shipping container. Decluttering can help you manage your spatial needs. You should start by setting aside all the essential items that you cannot afford to leave behind. Next, find items that you find sentimental or hold close such as antiques and artworks. The last thing you pack should be items you can live without but can still find space for. The lesser the space you need for your move the cheaper the whole process will be. You can stage a yard sale if you have any items you don’t plan on bringing to your new house.

  • Use Padding

It is not uncommon for people to break some of their valuable items when moving. Packing peanuts and bubble wrap are a great way to pack fragile items and protect them from damage during transport. They act as a layer of cushion for the items as they hit against each other or the container walls. Make sure you fill any vacant space at the ceiling of the container so that items don’t shift back and forth during transportation.

  • Label Everything

Throwing items all over in your shipping container is definitely a quick way to get everything packed and loaded into the shipping container. However, it becomes a thorn in the shoe once you get to your new house and need to start unpacking. Labeling all items when packing makes it easier to unpack. The labeling system does not have to be sophisticated. Just indicate what they are and the room they belong to for convenience.


Moving can be super tough, and packing is a big part of the stress. If you’re thinking about using a big container for your stuff, these six tips will really come in handy. You will definitely find it easier when moving things in a shipping container regardless of the move distance. Take time to find the right size and start packing early for added convenience.

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