The French shipping line CMA CGM has published a series of freight rate increases for shipments in Europe, the Mediterranean and Africa, which will be applicable from September and October.

Firstly, the major liner operator has set the following Freight All Kinds (FAK) increase from the Indian Subcontinent, India, Pakistan and Africa to the port of Berbera in Somalia for all types of 20′, 40′ and high cube (HC) cargoes, which will take effect on 1 September.

Fifteen days later, on 16 September CMA CGM will introduce another FAK rate increase from Pakistan to all North European, Mediterranean and North African base ports, for the same types of cargoes. The updated prices will be as follows:

On the same date, the Marseille-based carrier will apply the following increased FAK rates for sailings from the Middle East Gulf to North Europe, Scandinavian, Polish, West and East Mediterranean, Adriatic, North Africa and Moroccan ports.

Furthermore, CMA CGM will impose a Peak Season Surcharge (PSS) of US$800 per dry, reefer, special equipment, non-operating reefer (NOR) and shipper-owned (SOC) container travelling from the Middle East Gulf to all North European, Scandinavian, Polish, Baltic and Black Sea ports, from 16 September.

Another PSS of US$1,000 per dry box will be implemented for sailings from East Coast of South America destined to North Europe, Baltic, Mediterranean, Black Sea, North and West Africa, Red Sea, Adriatic, Middle East and India Subcontinent.

This surcharge will be effective from 1 October until 31 December.

In the meantime, the French shipping company will also raise its FAK rates by US$1,500 per container from East Coast South America to all North European and Mediterranean destinations from 1 October, forming the following new prices:



On the same date, CMA CGM will set the following increased rates from Mediterranean ports of Italy, Spain and the port of Fos in France to the port of Montreal on Canada East Coast, for dry, reefer, tank and special equipment containers.



Moreover, the shipping company will raise its FAK rates by US$400 per dry and reefer, including special equipment, in and out of gauge container transferred from Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and Dili ports to North Europe, Mediterranean, Black Sea, Baltic and Africa.

The newly formed prices that will begin on 1 October, will be the following:



Meanwhile, on the same date, CMA CGM will push up its rates for all dry, reefer, tank and special equipment cargo transhipped from Malta, Italy, Spain and ports of Fos and Marseille in France and via said ports of Albania, Algeria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Georgia, Greece, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Tunisia, Turkey and Ukraine, excluding Bilbao, Vigo, Gijon, Alexandria, Damietta to US East Coast and US Gulf destinations of New York, Norfolk, Savannah, Houston, Miami, New Orleans.



With the same place of origin, date of application and type of cargo, the Marseille-based carrier will increase its FAK rates to Mexico East Coast ports of Altamira and Veracruz, as follows:



Last but not least, CMA CGM will introduce the following increased rates for sailings from West Mediterranean and Portugal to Central America, West Coast of South America and the Caribbean.


The fresh prices that will be applied to 20′, 40′ standard and reefer boxes, will take effect on 1 October.

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