Global Ports have launched earlier in March a new digital project to optimise the allocations of berths at First Container Terminal (FCT) and Petrolesport (PLP) in the Greater Port of St. Petersburg.

The system, which is based on the Portchain intelligent online platform, will increase operational processes transparency and resource planning efficiency, while Global Ports’ customers will be able to use the platform to monitor the operational situation at the berths, according to an announcement.

“Our intelligent platform will increase the transparency of vessel handling data by collecting up-to-date information on all terminal berth operations in one system, and will also simplify the communication on operational issues between the terminals and their customers,” pointed out Thor Thorup, CCO of Portchain.

The Russian terminal operator explains that the Portchain platform will collect data on the schedule and real time of vessels arrival and handling, including berth allocation and cargo handling. With access to the platform employees of the two terminals and the Group’s management company will promptly receive information on current and planned operations at the berths and collect service statistics.

“This will allocate resources more efficiently and enable the Group to improve the quality and accuracy of operational decisions,” said Global Ports in its announcement.

Using Portchain, Global Ports customers will also be able to track information about the schedule and real time of vessels arrival and handling, berth number, start and end of cargo operations all in real time, according to a statement.

“With Portchain we will be able to track berth operations in real-time and plan equipment and personnel more precisely. Our customers will have access to vessel handling data, which will allow them to optimise the planning of cargo operations at the terminal as well as further logistics, thereby reducing their costs,” noted Marc Niederer, COO of Global Ports.

The system has already been implemented at First Container Terminal as a pilot scheme; access for customers is planned for the end of March and Petrolesport will then be connected to Portchain in April.

The Group’s future digital innovation plans include the implementation of Portchain system at Vostochnaya Stevedoring Company, the largest container terminal in the Far East Region of Russia, located in the deep-water port of Vostochny.

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