Hamburg Port Consulting (HPC) was commissioned to improve terminal operations of the South Port Container Terminal (SPCT) in Port Sudan to upgrade its performance and increase its competitiveness in the region.

The contract was awarded by the Sudanese Ministry of Transport on behalf of the Sea Ports Corporation of Sudan (SPC).

The goal of the planned port development programme for Sudan’s international container terminal is a significant reduction of vessel waiting times and higher productivity of cargo handling equipment and terminal operations.

HPC consultants focus on generating greater efficiency of operational and administrational processes to speed up ship handling processes, according to a statement.

“In our role as port consultants, we support SPC in achieving its goals and helping to boost the terminal’s performance to an internationally comparable level,” said Christina Prieser, Project Manager at HPC.

Furthermore, in cooperation with SPC, HPC will run a planned maintenance system and efficient repair services to ensure higher equipment productivity and reduce operational costs.

Besides higher terminal efficiency, the programme emphasises comprehensive training in health, safety, security, and the environment.

“We, therefore, strive for a modern, effective container terminal that will be a growth engine for the city and our entire country,” commented Minister of Transport, H.E. Mergani Musa Hamad.

Additionally, the German Ambassador in Sudan, H.E. Thomas Terstegen, said “the German government supports the Sudanese people and their government in their efforts to achieve inclusive economic growth.”

The programme form is based on a thorough analysis of the current assets and infrastructure on-site, according to an announcement, while all agreed activities will be developed and executed together with the terminal management.

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