With 05 years of experience in the field of transportation, especially sea freight, Vy Khang JSC is confident to provide our customers with the most complete freight service at a reasonable price.

Advantages of Sea freight:

– Can transport most types of goods (except for those on the list of prohibited import and export)

– Transporting many types of goods with very large quantities, volumes and sizes

– Save on shipping costs

– Easily combined with other types of vehicles, equipment and support tools during transportation

– High safety with open sea traffic system, few means of movement will ensure that cargo ships are always safe, rarely collisions or accidents.

– Large ability to move without limitation: with many countries in the world contiguous to the sea, the routes of movement are not restricted, it helps the movement of cargo ships on the sea become easier. should be more comfortable, easy access to many areas of the world.

– In fact, the following items will be prioritized for shipping by sea:

  • Goods that are easily affected by the environment, easily affected by moisture and temperature such as tobacco, tea, spices, …
  • Other goods such as construction materials, machinery, industrial materials, etc.
  • General goods will be transported by container.
  • Transport minerals and sand and stones by barge.
  • Typical food items that need to be frozen will be transported by refrigerated containers with plugs in.

Some disadvantages of Sea Freight:

– Shipping time is quite long

– Risks from natural disasters: unusual changes of weather at sea such as storms, thunderstorms, rough seas or tsunamis can affect cargo ships moving at sea.

– Risks from accidents during movement: it is very rare for cargo ships to collide with each other, ships to run aground when moving in shallow waters or to sink into the sea, but these are also risks that goods when shipping by sea will be faced.

– Risks from people: the most common is still the situation when a class ship is robbed by pirate groups or confiscated by the authorities of a country when it is suspected that the source of the goods is problematic.

Services provided by Vy Khang:

  • Providing customers with the service of sending export and import goods by sea from Vietnam to anywhere in the world and vice versa.
  • Service quality is guaranteed by direct routes through a network of reputable agents.
  • Competitive price and fastest transit time, always associated with the carrier’s responsibility.
  • FCL, LCL cargo services with competitive prices and support for warehousing fees.
  • Door to door delivery service.

If you have a need to transport full containers, retail goods by sea, please contact 0944.284.082 for support and advice!



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