When there was no air or sea, all transportation activities were based on road. Today, when many types of transport develop, the road is still the main and lifeline of transportation. In freight transportation, too, although there are many modes of transportation, road freight always occupies an important position and role. Especially in domestic freight.

Domestic transportation service by truck, container truck is one of the main services that Vy Khang has been providing. We invite you to contact the hotline 0944284082 to schedule the fastest car.

Services offered by Vy Khang:


Vehicles with a trunk, closed or open roof. This type is suitable for domestic goods with short distances (taxi trucks), medium (inter-provincial) and long distances (north-south), small shipments (not enough for containers), or large consignments gathered for bulk carriers. .

Container truck:

Specialized to carry containers of all kinds of 20DC, 40DC, 40HC, etc. With the floor-trailer type container truck, it can carry steel coils, bars, bundles, or heavy goods that need to be transported by floor trucks.


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