SeaCube Containers LLC and Carrier Transicold have announced a strategic refrigerated asset management systems platform engagement.

As a result, SeaCube will be the first intermodal equipment leasing company to incorporate Carrier’s Lynx Fleet solution into its fleet with an initial deployment of 2,000 PrimeLINE refrigerated container units.

The Lynx Fleet solution includes proprietary technology that monitors reefer unit performance and provides early warning actionable diagnostics and predictive analytics down to the level of the machine’s components, according to an announcement, while it will provide detailed machine performance analysis capabilities by using integrated sensor machine data feeds.

Additionally, the Lynx digital platform applies advanced internet of things (IoT) analytics, machine learning and various big data technologies to connect the cold chain in the cloud, automate key processes, and deliver real-time visibility and insights throughout the cargo’s journey.

The addition of Lynx Fleet allows for a data-driven leasing model, which leverages data and analytics on equipment health to extend asset life and optimise asset performance, which is another pioneering approach in this space.

Bob Sappio, CEO of SeaCube said, “We are confident that the Lynx Fleet offerings will help drive improvements in our own operating metrics and resonate with our customers to help them achieve optimal reefer performance and act on data-driven insights.”

Lynx Fleet will offer prognostics and data analytics with features that provide differentiation such as:

  • Improved fleet uptime through unit health analytics and prognostics using Carrier-unique features with proprietary technology including machine sensor protocols.
  • Reduced operational costs and maintenance & repair expenses as result of optimizing performance with preventative maintenance platform features.
  • Incremental value through lower cargo spoilage and possible reduced insurance costs.

“We are confident that Lynx Fleet will enhance connectivity across the cold chain, increasing visibility, providing predictive analytics and driving faster data-driven decisions,” commented Kartik Kumar, vice president and general manager, global container refrigeration, Carrier.

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