During the autumn and winter of 2022, YILPORT expanded the initial configuration of its train shuttle between Gävle and Stockholm from 540 meters to 630 meters.

Additionally, the Turkey-based operator has unveiled plans to increase the frequency of the Swedish train connection between the two aforementioned terminals from three to four trains per week.

YILPORT highlighted that its investment in more frequent and longer trains results in reduced emissions per container transport, mentioning the railway between Gävle and Rosersberg in Sweden which is electrified and equipped with a dual-track system, which provides optimal conditions for longer container trains and sustainable intermodal transport.

“We see an increased need for sustainable, intermodal logistics solutions. To meet that
need, we have expanded the train length in its standard version to 630 meters, with the
possibility of running trains that are 700 meters long,” said Joseph Muhumuza, regional
sales manager at YILPORT Nordic.

“With a train length of 700 meters, we can transport 45 containers that are 45 feet on the same train. This corresponds to the same volume as 45 trucks with palletised cargo,” he pointed out.

Currently, container trains with a length of 700 meters make up less than 1% of
the daily departures in terms of freight traffic in Sweden, according to Yilport.

Matilda Jarbin, chief sustainability & communications officer at Scandinavian-owned logistics company Scanlog, commented, “Many of our customers are asking for more sustainable logistics solutions. We are happy that we can offer this railway solution. For cargo that is transported by sea over long distances, such as from South America to Gävle, we use the rail shuttle for the final leg of transport, which means that together we reduce the world’s carbon dioxide emissions.”

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