MSC Tessa

MSC has decided to strengthen its intra-Asia network aiming to provide new direct connections, as well as improved transit times and increased capacity.

The following upgraded services will come into effect in June 2023.

MSC announced it will improve its Seagull service to directly connect central China with Indonesia, as well as Vietnam and Thailand with Shekou.

Additionally, MSC’s Seahorse service will provide a direct connection from central China to Thailand and Malaysia, while the Dolphin service will directly connect North China with Malaysia and Indonesia, as well as Southeast Asia with Korea and North China.

Furthermore, MSC said its Pertiwi service will improve capacity with an additional call at Da Chan Bay, while its Kaguya service will connect Central China with the main Vietnamese ports. The upgraded Kaguya service will also directly connect Vietnam and Thailand with the Philippines in six days and will provide additional coverage from the Philippines to Japan.

Moreover, the Swiss/Italian ocean carrier will add a new direct call from South China and Vietnam to Penang and Pasir Gudang in Orchid service’s rotation, while its Bengal service will provide a new direct connection to Belawan port in Indonesia.

Last but not least, MSC’s Burma service will provide a new direct connection to Belawan, while Golden Horn will include a direct call at Hakata port in Japan.

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