The 4,253TEU boxship, ZIM Kingston, which is chartered by ZIM and owned by Danaos Shipping, suffered a severe fire incident on Friday, 22 October, after two damaged containers caught fire on board the vessel near Canada.

The Greek ship owner and operator, Danaos Shipping has reported that earlier on that day, the excessive listing due to extreme weather caused the collapse and loss overboard of several containers.

The number of lost boxes is reaching 40, according to reports, but Danaos has not confirmed the exact number.

Danaos said that “late at night on Friday, 22 October, at approximately 00:00 local time (10/23/21), the ZIM Kingston was in the Strait of Juan de Fuca awaiting to proceed to the port of Vancouver when extreme weather caused an excessive listing of the vessel resulting in the collapse of containers which were lost overboard.”

The company immediately notified the local port authorities to put out a warning to vessels in the area. The investigation of the incident was postponed until daylight when the Master and the crew will be able to estimate the exact quantity of the lost overboard containers.

The Master of the vessel ordered the evacuation of the crew with the assistance of the local coastguard, while he and other key personnel remained on board to oversee the fire extinguishing effort, according to Danaos Shipping, which reports no injuries at the time of writing.

Firefighting tugboats continue to operate to prevent renewed flareups, said ZIM in its latest update and noted that additional expert and firefighting personnel are due to board the vessel soon, weather permitting, to oversee ongoing effort.

Meanwhile, another expert crew is preparing to board the vessel and provide an assessment of the vessel and cargo situation, as authorized by the Canadian authorities, in order to bring the ship to harbor to unload the cargo and assess the damages.

“The fire appears to have been contained and Danaos has commissioned a Salvage & Fire Extinguishing Agency to come on board in order to ensure that conditions are appropriate for the safe return of the vessel’s crew,” said a Danaos’ release.

The fire on the Zim Kingston has been stabilised,” confirmed the Canadian Coast Guard via a Twitter post.

Danaos’ aim is to secure that the fire is completely under control and there is no possibility of another fire breakouts. In that case, the crew will return to the ship, according to a company’s spokeswoman.

The Greek firm noted that it has been working “in close cooperation with the local port authorities from the very first, committed to following all actions necessary to mitigate the consequences of the incident.”

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