Although born later than other types of transportation, air transport services play an extremely important role in the circulation of goods. Overcoming many disadvantages of road and waterway transport. Air transport contributes to the development of the world economy in general and international business in particular.

Advantages of air freight services:

“Fast” this is definitely the biggest strength of its kind. The average speed of the aircraft reaches nearly 1000 km / h. It is completely superior to water or road.

Also thanks to the fastest shipping speed, this mode of transportation also has the highest level of safety. Less unintended risk compared to other types of transportation.

Insurance and shipping fees are lower than sea freight and land transport.

Less damage occurs. For example, wet goods, damaged goods, or theft of goods.

Due to the characteristics of goods and quick procedures, the storage fee when transporting by air is quite low.

Disadvantages of air freight service

High fares. If the unit of calculation of sea freight is by container, regardless of the volume of goods packed inside the container, the unit of calculation when using air will be Kilogram. The more you send, the higher the cost. Also because of the high freight rates, this mode of transport is often not applicable to low-value shipments. If your cargo volume is low and the value of goods is low, you can choose LCL method, sending odd goods in a container.

Not suitable for carrying oversized cargo. Cabin size, aircraft door size is a limiting factor. The actual tonnage of the aircraft is not as large as a seagoing ship, so bulky goods should not be used this form of transport.

Airplane shipments are strictly inspected. Because it is related to the laws and regulations of each country. This is to ensure flight safety purposes. Flammable, high-risk goods will be refused transportation.

Resistant to negative effects from the weather. As soon as there is a change in the weather, the flight is immediately canceled. It will be quite inconvenient because this leads to stagnant goods and a lot of delay in delivery time.


Services of Vy Khang

Delivery of goods from the shipper’s warehouse or the airport to the airport or the recipient’s warehouse with a variety of items: footwear, fashion apparel, machinery and equipment, handicrafts, vegetables and fruits.

Combined shipping by sea and air



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